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Congratulations Jagmohan Singh  for Band 9 In IELTS( R)

"Canada Free Seminar"

*Canada Education Seminar*

Attend free seminar, No processing fee.

Ludhiana- 27 March at 11.00 Am

Meet Miss Seno Thepa( Manager india) Cape Breton University, Canada

On spot apply for offer letter.

Call: 91-84370-47012,91-84370-47013.

Venue: Kapri Education, SCO-137, 1st Floor, (Near Basant), Feroze gandhi Market, Ludhiana.

"Canada Education Seminar"

*Canada Education Seminar*

Attend free seminar

Ludhiana- 7th September

On spot apply for offer letter.

Call: 91-84370-47012,91-84370-47013.







BEC (Business English Certificate)


BEC is an international examination designed by the University of Cambridge local examination syndicate (UCLES), to assess business English proficiency and is recognized by institutions and corporations worldwide.

At Kapri we know that good communication is the key to your success. The Kapri training method ensures that you will speak more confidently, more accurately, from your very first class.

Exam Structure:


The BEC has two stages


Stage 1

It consists of the Reading/Writing and the listening tests. All candidates who achieve grades A, B, and c(and D for BEC prelim only)in stage 1 will receive a certificate awarded by UCLES.

Stage 2: 

it is an assessment of the speaking skills. Those who demonstrate a sufficiently high standard of spoken English will have this recorded their certificate through a separate Grade 1 or 2.

Corporate Recognition Many employers around the world recognize Business English certificate as proof of holder’s ability to cope linguistically in a wide range of professional situations.There are many companies and organizations in India , which have officially recognized or used BEC, either for staff recruitment or as part of their training and staff-development program.